3D Projects

Tekno Fire provides support to its customers in functional and detailed 3D fire projects with its experienced team.

ITM Services

With our experienced field team, we provide inspection, testing and maintenance services of fire systems in accordance with NFPA 25 norms.

Water Based

With our experienced team, we provide project design and material supply services for sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 13 norms.

Foam Based

We provide foam extinguishing systems project design and engineering services especially for places such as industrial structures, warehouses and hangars where materials with high flammability value are processed.

Fire Pumps

We provide engineering, manufacturing and assembly services in projects that require special solutions such as in-container fire pump rooms.

Special Extinguishing

We provide services with the design and sale of Fm200, Co2 extinguishing, Inert extinguishing and water mist extinguishing systems.

 Smoke Heat Exhaust

With our experienced field team, we are designing SHEVS (Smoke heat exhaust ventilation systems) and provide products in accordance with NFPA and EN norms.

Passive Protection

With our experienced field team, we design passive fire systems projects and provide productsin accordance with NFPA norms.